Saturday, September 27, 2008

Press Release for Webpage

Launch of New Personal Advice Blog

At some point in our life we encounter an obstacle or challenge that seems insurmountable or unsolvable. Getting true objective advice from friends or loved ones can be difficult for a number of reasons. They may be to close to the problem to have the needed perspective and clarity to address the Issue. They may be reluctant to be confrontive in fear that they might hurt your feelings or damage their rapport and alliance with you. We can find the objective help we need in a number of ways, be it through the church, employee assistance, self-help fellowship or psychotherapy.

I am offering one more resource for anyone seeking objective advice. I have worked in the area of counseling for over 30 years with a wide array of populations, regardless of race, sexual orientation or socioeconomic background. I really enjoy my work and pride myself in individualizing treatment for every client.

This same meticulous approach will be taken in my free advice blog. Interested readers can send me confidential emails regarding some disturbing, disruptive or debilitating personal or relationship issue. I pledge to respond to every email, either by posting the advice on the blog or personally responding by replied email. This becomes a viable resource to anyone who needs objective advice and lacks or has exhausted other avenues. If interested, please visit my blog site at or simply write me with your presenting problem via

Thank you for your consideration.

Jeff aka “Dr. Memory.”

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