Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ask Dr. Memory

To the Humble Masses:

I am venturing into the advice column realm. I am doing this at the encouragement of friends and as a bit of fun. I am a trained psychotherapist and I wonder how well being an adept one on one therapist translates into general advice.

The format for the blog will consist of taking emails from interested readers regarding some disturbing, disruptive or debilitating personal or relationship issues. I will then post select answers to help the person cope and problem solve these issues. If enough emails are generated, I am going to pledge to answers ALL emails personally if their questions do not get on the site. I want to emphasize ANONYMITY and CONFIDENTIALITY for all inquirers.

You can send your personal questions/dilemmas to

To enhance the bit of fun aspect, I will occasionally post a "spoof reply," One that contains ridiculous and absurd advice. These will be laden with cynicism and satire and will be a "how not to" primer for advice bloggers. They will be labeled as such for the easily confused or mislead.

OK lets get this thing rolling, throw caution into the wind while I check my liability coverage.


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disclaimer: I am not a real doctor, but I do have a Master of Social Work degree and several certifications, including those for the treatment of anxiety, depressive and bipolar disorders, substance abuse and couples counseling. I have over 30 years experience in this field.
The advice given here is not intended to be a substitute for psychotherapy or psychiatric intervention; rather it is intended as a means of basic asessment and possible referral to a professional source.

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