Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Informed Psychotherpist's Advice is Free

Hello to my minute minions. I have been away from blogging for awhile and am checking in. The reasons for my leave of absence are numerous. I have been taking time to develop online, real time counseling service at (link is to the right on this page). I have also had a number of personal affairs to address, some good, some rather challenging, so I have been emphasizing some self-care. I have also been really busy in my private practice, the volume of sessions has increased and taking up more of my time (of which I am very grateful).

And then there is the fact that I have not got any requests for advice from this site recently . It is somewhat puzzling to me why people pay for my advice on liveperson and in my practice, but there are a limited requests for advice here. I have taken some time to give deliberate answers to those that have wrote, with varying feedback and expressions of gratitude from the letter writers.

So I will be returning soon one way or the other. If I get a letter requesting advice I will promptly give my two cents worth. Otherwise, with the weather turning cold, my outdoor tennis, bicycling and hiking will be coming to a slow crawl and I will have more blogging time on my hands.

In the meantime, there is a year's worth of blogging on this thread so take some time to catch up on some of my archives if you'd like. I still continue to get several hits for certain sites, of particular popularity are the writings on adolescent slang, body symmetry, antidepressants and suicidal ideation, and open marriage.

I will be returning with something of meaningful content soon and thank you for your interest.


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