Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Surroundings

I have been on hiatus from blogging a bit. I recently moved into a new office for my private practice and it has kept me busy. I am happy to see that a humble following keeps hitting my page. I feel there is allot of content here in my previous 13 posts and this should keep my readers busy. I am getting more and more hits via search engines, with a particular nod to the "G" people.

I worked in the same office for 5 years, It was small and had not been redecorated in some time. I moved into a larger, newly furbished office. I did the wall hanging and furniture myself. Last work week ended with my first day in the office. I am happy to say I got a good response from my clients. The last one said he felt so comfortable he did not want to leave. And he was court ordered for therapy!

For myself, despite the added potential in a new office, the adaptation is awkward. We are all creatures of habit I suppose. A slight change in the therapeutic environment or milieu throws me off a bit. The change in the room acoustics, a slight echo in the client's voice, the room ventilation are all nuances I know I will adjust to over time. But I have to admit I had a little difficulty finding my "therapy groove" after the initial move.

I have got a couple email inquiries and I will be addressing them soon. In the meantime perhaps some of my readers can catch up with some previous posts or formulate a question for me to address.

Thank you, I will be in touch soon!

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